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March 16
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Tony never run as fast as he did now, you see his best friend had to go to the hospital due to a work accident. When he received the call he was in a meeting and he couldn’t pick the phone up, so only two hours later he received his phone back and when he did he heard (Y/N)’s voice saying that she had to go the hospital because she might have broken her left leg.
When Tony arrived he asked at the receptionist where you were.

“Excuse me I am Tony Stark, I am here because a friend of mine is here.”
The nurse looks at him and gives him a smile. “Of course hun, please tell me what it is her name.”

“(Y/N).” the nurse started typing on your name and a few seconds later she spooked.

“She is in the room eighty.”

“Thank you.”

When he arrived to your bedroom he sees that you are sleeping, ‘maybe it was the sedatives’ he thought.
He pulls a chair and sits next your bed; he takes his phone out of his pocket and calls Fury.

“This is the S.H.I.E.L.D. center how can I help?”

“Hi this is Tony Stark could you pass the call to the director Fury?”

“Of course Mr. Stark.”

A few moments later he hears Fury’s voice on the other side.

“Fury what happened, why is (Y/N) on the hospital?”

“Miss (Y/N) was climbing the wall without the equipment because one of the rookies left one rope on the top of the wall. She went there to catch the rope but she didn’t place her foot in the correct place and she fall down. According to the agents that were there she might have broken her leg and bruised herself badly.” He pauses and then asks. “How is she Stark?”

“She still is sleeping because of the sedatives that she received. Sir if you don’t mind I would like to ask you something.”

“What is it Stark?”
Tony thinks what he can say to Fury to not say the true reasons behind what he is about to say to Fury.

“Could (Y/N) stay with me while she is recovering?”

*Time Skip*

After you were able to get out of the hospital Tony took you to his house, so when you arrived he sat you on the couch and sit next to you. You look at him and smile when you realize that he was always there for you it didn’t matter what happened he was always the first one to rescue you. You approach him, moaning because of the pains in your leg when you reach him you kiss his check, he looks at you and you see that his checks have a slight shade of pink.

“Thank you Tony.”

He smiles and pulls you against him and plants a kiss in your hairline. “No problem sweetie.”

Weeks passed by and you started noticing that Tony has being acting differently, from the other times that you had slept in his house he would always getting out of his bedroom with a cute sex hair and every single weekend a new woman would get out of his bedroom, but this four weeks he wasn’t the same and that worried you. He was always working and when he wasn’t working in his suits he would stay with you, sometimes he would massage your shoulders and back other times he would lay you down on his lap so that you could see a movie in a more comfortable position and he would take you to his bed when you fall asleep in the couch. When you took your phone from your pocket you saw that it was almost Valentine’s Day and you still didn’t bought anything to give to Tony,’ but what could I buy to him?’ he is a millionaire he has everything that he needs and much more.

Little did you knew that Tony was with the same problem, he didn’t know what to buy to you that would say that he loved more than a friend, he rubbed his forehead and then a brilliant idea come ot his mind he smirks and starts working in you present.

It is Valentine’s Day and your leg it is almost recovered, you went with Natasha to buy a watch to Tony, in his bracelet you asked to print a few words. The box with the watch was in your purse and you were looking at it, you keep thinking what it would be Tony reaction when he sees the watch and what it is printed in the bracelet; you are so deep in your thoughts that you didn’t see him approaching you. When Tony gets near you he hugs your waist making you taking you by surprise, he rests his head on your shoulder and smiles at you, you look at him and give him a smile.

“What are you doing (Y/N)?”

“Nothing much, just thinking about something.”

He lets you go and turns you so that you are facing him, he gulps and takes your hand making a sign for you to follow him, he takes you to the lab and when he opens the door the lights are shut off he mentions for you to go inside. When you get inside you hear a mechanical sound, you try to locate the sound and that it is when the lights turned on. You saw something that you weren’t expecting, Tony’s favorite suit holding the hand of a female suit, then out of nowhere the suits turned to face eachother and ‘kissed’, you turn around to ask Tony what it is this all about, but you don’t have time to ask anything he kisses you. Your first shock is replaced with a wave of desire that you feel covering your all body, you close your eyes and start kissing Tony back.
When you two pull apart you are blushing and so his Tony, a few strands of hair fall covering your face he uses his hand to remove them and put them behind your ear, you look at him and give him a smile he pulls you to another kiss and when you pull apart he whispers.

“I love you with all my heart. When I received your call saying that you had an accident I run as fast as I could to meet you, I was so scared that you have more than a broken leg.”

You smile at his words and briefly kiss his lips.

“I love you as well Tony.” You take the watch out of your pocket  and put it in his wrist he looks at it and sees what was printed and smiles, he looks at you and picks you up and goes to his bedroom with you in his arms

‘I love you with all my heart
A request made by :iconholster262:

I hope this is what you were expecting.

I don't own you
I don't own Tony.
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